"Blog on a Budget" Goals and Requirements

As I thought about what I wanted this overall solution to look like (besides being done affordably), I came up with some general goals and requirements.

This is a post in the "Blog on a Budget" series.

Goals and Requirements Overview

I ended up with a baker's dozen worth of key goals and requirements for this solution:

  1. Use Markdown-style syntax to write my blog posts.
  2. Implement a Jamstack solution for site templating.
  3. Have a simple way to do local development.
  4. Manage all changes using a GitOps methodology.
  5. Leverage trunk-based development for my git repositories.
  6. Use conventional commits to bring some clarity to my git commits.
  7. Outside of initial AWS account creation and setup, manage all infrastructure through Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  8. Use all AWS (preferably free tier) services for deployment and hosting of the site.
  9. Use Node.js for any needed scripts or tools.
  10. Have a build and deployment process that is fairly quick.
  11. Implement some sort of simple issue tracker/ticketing system.
  12. Find/purchase a good responsive HTML5 template.
  13. Useful web analytics for the blog site.

So, did I get close to the mark? In the end I met most of these goals and requirements. A lot of these topics will require a blog post of their own in order to detail out the solution I picked and how well it worked. Those posts will be part of this series and probably not come out in any specific order, but I do plan to cover them all, so stay tuned!